Friday, July 16, 2010

1 down and 26 to go

chicks at 3wks

So last night I harvested my first chick. The chicks are about 7-8 weeks now and I need to get busy. I built a fire to boil the scalding water. When the temp it 150 I gathered one little chick, lit a candle in her honor and put her in the cone upside down.  It was quick but felt like it could have been quicker. She had a better than expected life for a Cornish X Rock. (protected but out in nature and eating bugs and garden leftovers.) Now for the scald and plucking by hand. I quickly decided against that since it was late. I skinned the bird and cleaned her out. Now for those of you out there who are thinking this is a foreign concept lets just compare it to going fishing. Cleaning the catch it is pretty much the same thing.

1 down 26 to go and I will be a little lighter in the chore load... with food in the freezer.

Ps. If you are wondering, my girls were sleeping and Daddy was holding the baby who decided this would be a good night not to go to bed.