Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter Fodder

We have chickens, sheep and an angora rabbit that love to have something green in the winter months, so I have started seeds to make fodder.  We purchased two 25lb bags of forage seed at Tractor Supply to seed the yard for the deer but seeing it in action, I realized that it would make good fodder for this winter.

At the dollar store I picked up trays and poked holes at one end so the water could drain when tilted. After soaking the seeds for 24hrs and rinsing them I just water twice a day and let the water run off. 

The tray on the left is 6days old and the tray on the right is 3 days old.

At 9 days it makes a tasty treat for all the creatures here at the LillyZoo.

Sir Bun Bun sure enjoys it!