Monday, May 2, 2011

Morels in May

We have a special patch of morels that are ready by May Day.
This year we harvested 16.  I know there are more out there!

Its not much but its growing and makes a fine May Day Dinner

E chopping Morels

Z washing Dandelion flowers

Sauteing our morel pasta dish

Dandelion Fritters

Our wine and a foraged May Day Dinner

Happy May Day

Dandelion Fritters
3 eggs
Tablespoon of Flour
about a pound of washed and de-stemmed dandelion flowers
Salt and pepper
oil spray for pan

Mix all together and cook in hot oiled pan

Linguini alla Morels

6 to 8 Morels
Handful sundried tomatoes
6 found onion grass onions
Small bunch Dandelion leaves

All chopped and sauteed together and served over al dente linguini