Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild Turkey

This toms breast was huge and lasted for at least 4 meals.  I also used the legs for soup stock and dog treats. The wings, tail and beard were saved just because they were so beautiful.

Turkey cutlets sliced thin and turkey roast.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The girls have moved their pet japanese silkies into their new home. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Late evening chores

Harvesting and washing garlic

I have a bushel of garlic for the year

our rusty farm helper

A look into our world

The hubby and a havana special

Bessy getting ready for bed

This week I attended an educational retreat and neglected many of my chores. So, with the kids in bed here is my Saturday night of chores while enjoying the company of my hubby and a nice local wine.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

is this summer?

baby bunny in my cutting garden

bees are busy

the pond

farm rust

potatoes and tomatoes

freshly shorn sheep


our friendliest mama chicken

Monday, May 2, 2011

Morels in May

We have a special patch of morels that are ready by May Day.
This year we harvested 16.  I know there are more out there!

Its not much but its growing and makes a fine May Day Dinner

E chopping Morels

Z washing Dandelion flowers

Sauteing our morel pasta dish

Dandelion Fritters

Our wine and a foraged May Day Dinner

Happy May Day

Dandelion Fritters
3 eggs
Tablespoon of Flour
about a pound of washed and de-stemmed dandelion flowers
Salt and pepper
oil spray for pan

Mix all together and cook in hot oiled pan

Linguini alla Morels

6 to 8 Morels
Handful sundried tomatoes
6 found onion grass onions
Small bunch Dandelion leaves

All chopped and sauteed together and served over al dente linguini

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bee Installation at the Farm

We picked up the bees yesterday after their long journey up from NC. They were mine! I have been very nervous about this day but once they were in my hands I strangely felt at ease with how docile they seemed.  It was about 50 degrees F so maybe they were just cold. They were huddled around the queens cage to keep her warm.  There were half a dozen bees on the outside but not moving.  I put them in a wine bucket and drove them home.

Once home, I dusted the outside of the package with powdered sugar to give them a little something.  With 3 little ones under foot I waited for my husband to come home before I took them out to the new langstroth hive that we built and painted. At the site we leveled a pallet and set up. The little ones and planted bee attracting flower seed in a wild flower patch in front.

By the evening, the bees had consumed the powdered sugar I gave them so I dusted the entire package and went out to the site prepared for them.

This is what followed. It was lightly raining so once placed the queen in and shook the package in I set an empty super on top so the bees could move in from the package. Normally you would set the package in front of the entrance and let them bee... but it was lightly raining. I will remove the package box and the queens cage in the next couple of days and see if the queen and workers have set to work. I am definitely nervous that I messed something up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

preparing for spring!

I have never had much luck with seed starting but I am well on my way to a batch of tomato plants from Nonno's garden

Seed set up is getting larger as the seedlings come up. First I start them in the pizza box with organic starter. When they come up I spoon them out into egg containers. Seems to be working well except the egg containers wick the water out faster then plastic trays. I just have to stay on top of the moisture situation.

preparation for our new cut garden in the shape of a spiral inspired by our children's  advent garden in the winter.  

Flower seeds growing.  My list is enormous. But here are only two types

Wish us luck!!  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is on it's way

And peas!

When the forsythia/crocus bloom or you see red winged blackbird females -
time to plant peas.
When the chickadees build their nests, plant peas and spinach.
When dandelions are blooming plant potatoes, beets, lettuce, spinach and
When the iris bloom, plant the peppers and eggplants outside. 
Plant beets, lettuce, spinach when lilac is in first leaf.
When lilac blooms, plant beans, cukes and squash.
Plant corn when oak leaves are the size of squirrels ears.
Plant your corn when apple blossoms start to fall.

-Edith of the Rockland County Gardeners

Friday, March 4, 2011

How many times... everyday

I was out this evening and it occurred to me that I go out to my animals at least 4 times a day. breakfast to let them out for the day.  mid-day egg check. evenin' meal time.  and before bed to close the condos so the hens aren't eaten by the raccoons, foxes, or skunks (which I have smelled lately.)  Sometimes the hens decide it's a party night.  They hang out in the cage below sipping martinis and dancin to dean and sinatra.  Drives me crazy cuz on a cold winters night I just want to snuggle up an get some zzzz.

spring summer fall and winter.  (summer days are even longer) I am now a farmer... this is what I do...

tonight was  cold quiet and calm. My ladies were all up on there roosts (its a friday night don't they know...), the sheep were nestled in to their hay. the sky was cloudy and bright from the light pollution.  the things that go threw my mind when I go out by myself into the darkness: I saw that there was a pack of coyotes sited this week in this area. I hear them yelping sometimes along the creek. We have a lot of deer back there too.  hmmm I am surrounded by cemeteries (which is why it seems we have so much land to ourselves in this urban setting) when will the zombies come up and start hunting the living? or worse how about zombie sheep and chickens hehehe (for you craig.)

Anyway I thought, how fast can I get back up to my house... I know I will dream about this later while the owls are whoooooing.

Its not even a full moon...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our eggs

we are getting about a dozen a day