Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Roosters...

We received a rescue rooster last year that we named Van Gogh. He is a gorgeous enormous Buff Orpington but meeeeannn. His name should be Diablo. He has attacked my oldest daughter and myself despite attempts to kill'em with kindness. He is a rooster of the worst kind. Once they are bad there is no way to retrain the dominance out of them. I thought I would make some soup but couldn't bring myself to do the deed because he is so pretty. We made him a smaller coop to try and tame him and tone down his roosterness but he is none the less aggressive. Well now we have an up and coming 11 week old araucana (we'll call romeo) that could be trained to be nice if I show myself to be the dominant bird.

Did I mention the constant screams coming out of these birds that started this morning? Ugg

6mo Rooster VanGogh
I guess it is time to make a giant soup...

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