Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beekeeping behind schedule

With all of the unseasonably warm weather, the bees are way ahead of me

I had an empty level on the hive for ventilation and for fondant cakes 
through the winter on top of the honey super

We discovered lots of pollen cells and honey left but a new 
problem... the queen laid eggs in the bottom rows of the honey super.

Everything I have read said just let it bee... they will hatch and the workers will clean up.

So at the end of the clean out.  I added a 2nd brood box then a honey super then a feeder box filled with bee tea syrup at the top and of course the inner cover and outer cover. 

Like every beekeeper in the spring I am hoping the hive doesn't swarm...

Thats all for now from the absentee beekeeper

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