Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shearing and Fly strike

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While shearing our older sheep we were horrified to find Flystrike!
She always has a soiled behind but I guess the 
warm winter and more parasites this year than ever she suffered a terrible case of flystrike. I had no idea  of what to do but I started with a good washing after shearing and packed and powdered her back side with Kaolin clay. In my opinion Kaolin is something every farmer should have on hand.  I use it in the 'orchardina' to protect the early fruit from flies laying their maggots on young fruits and spoiling them. It can also be used in animals to stop diarrhea (kaopectate). It is an all around good thing to have.

Now we know: Symptoms 
soiled areas of wool
loss of enthusiasm and appetite (I thought she was just hot)

Treating our Bessie girl:
Washing daily and hand picking maggots (with gloves)
Packing the wet area with Kaolin clay daily 
Feeding electrolytes
Ivomec treatment 
Garlic, whey, molasses, honey puree in  daily grain feeding

She is doing great but has a bare pink back side. Poor thing... at least she can see it!

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